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While HBO hasn’t announced whether Chop was renewed for Season 3, the Emmy Award-winning show seems to have a good chance of a sequel. The reviews for Season 2 were overwhelmingly glowing, calling it both “ambitious” and a “sincere story about cynical people” who is not satisfied with just “Follow the trajectory of other comedies.” The series explores the generation gap between Deborah (Jean Smart), an aggressive old-school comics character, and Ava (Hannah Einbinder), the disgraced millennial television writer she hires to spice up her jokes. While Season 1 explored their controversial meeting, Season 2 delved further into the disarray of their mentorship as they traveled across the country to mentor Deborah’s new stand-up act.

co-creator Lucia Aniello, Paul W Downs, and Jen Statsky Collider said they were blown away by the fan reception as they “really did this show to make each other laugh,” Aniello said. Season 2 was inspired by a road trip they all took together; and while season 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, they hinted that they already have many more ideas inspired by their own lives.

“Furthermore [Season 2’s road trip], we know what we want to do,” said Aniello. “While we were writing Season 1 or even Season 2, we were always like in the room, ‘That seems to be a next season thing.’ We’ve already run through so many ideas when we start on day one, it makes it a lot easier. If we were to look at a blank page I would absolutely freak out and lose my mind from the stress. Luckily we already have so many ideas.” She added that they “know exactly how the show ends,” which she joked, “hopefully in 20 or 30 years.”

Here’s everything we know about Season 3 so far.

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Chop Season 3 premiere date

Both seasons of Chop previously premiered in May after the first season was renewed in June 2021. So if this pattern is confirmed, we can expect to see Season 3 in May 2023.

Chop Season 3 cast

Obviously the show wouldn’t Chop without Deborah (Jean Smart) and Ava (Hannah Einbinder) returning. Supporting characters like Marcus from Carl-Clemons Hopkins, Jimmy from Paul W. Downs, Kayla from Megan Statler, Josefina from Rose Abdoo, DJ Vance from Kaitlin Olson, and Ruby from Lorenza Izzo are also likely to return. Season 2 also featured guest appearances from comedians like Margaret Cho, so we can expect more real comedians in a third season.

Chop Season 3 plot

A third season would likely be explored further The developing relationship between Deborah and Ava and her own personal growth journeys. As Einbinder Collider said, Season 2 was about forcing her out of her comfort zone. “When you’re traveling with someone, especially on a tour bus, and you sleep with someone on a bus, the honeymoon phase is over,” she told Collider. But by the end of the season, Ava and Deborah are closer than ever. Deborah’s show was a success and her fame is rising as Ava seeks writing offers from executives who are impressed with her work on Deborah’s show. The season ends with Deborah suddenly firing Ava so she can finally get off the nest and take advantage of every opportunity she has. Their relationship is strained to the end, but now there is affection.

It feels bittersweet, but fitting place over Chop“I think for us it doesn’t exactly feel like storylines are closed or closed,” Jen Statsky told Decider. “It’s more about the characters growing and evolving, and we’ve always said we wanted this series to feel as real and grounded as possible. And we wanted — especially with someone like Deborah, as she’s learning these things about herself in her role and her role is evolving and she’s learning to hold herself more accountable — we wanted those learnings to be reflected in her behavior as well.”


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