Can TikTok’s 3-ingredient “Internal Shower” drink actually help you lose weight? We asked experts


If you’ve ever experienced yourself scrolling through TikTok around 3am, don’t worry — you’re not alone. We’re quite guilty of that too! You can literally consume all kinds of content on the app. From makeup tutorials and workout videos to simple recipes and life hacks, there’s no doubt that TikTok will always have something to grab your attention.

In fact, there’s a trend that’s recently popped up on the app that’s got everyone curious. Introducing the Internal Shower drink. People jump on the bandwagon when they make and try this drink because of its claims to help with constipation and bloating. Additionally, some videos also say it’s a way to detox and boost your weight loss efforts. Check out some TikTok videos of the drink trend Internal Shower below.

@Jacvanek Try the inner shower with chia seeds so you don’t have to. #internalshower #Constipation #RDS #travelhack ♬ Dua Lipa – Jack Harlow
@bluegrassandlashes #internalshower #to clean #chia #Drink #fyp #CatchChoboniOat Milk #AmazonVirtualTryOn #Attract attention, stand out ♬ Original sound – BluegrassandLashes
@blaircooley Day 8/30: Internal shower drink that really tastes good?! more details in the comments! #internalshower #internal shower drink #chiaseeds #Chiaseedwater #Chia seed pudding ♬ Original sound – Blair Cooley | RD, LD

With more and more videos being uploaded every day, we couldn’t help but wonder if this drink really helps with weight loss. Is the Internal Shower drink worth the hype and is it actually effective? We checked Dr. Amy Lee, board certified in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine and partner of useful find out. Read on to find out more.

TikTok’s “Internal Shower” drink explained

according to dr Lee: “Once you soak dry chia seeds, they absorb water and expand – which explains their sticky texture. It is considered an insoluble fiber, so it is a great ingredient to consume every day.”

She adds, “The role of insoluble fiber is to create a ‘big’ bowel movement [soften it]. In today’s American culture, where our norm is a low-fiber diet and loaded with processed foods, getting in good insoluble and soluble fiber can be difficult.” Lee notes, “We find a good combination of fiber in things like fruits and vegetables, but chia seeds also pack a punch when it comes to fiber and even protein.” A teaspoon of chia seeds can contain up to 9 grams of fiber.”

She continues, “Cleaning out the colon and following a good regular bowel movement schedule also helps the body recover
inflammation and by-products, including fats.

In confirmation, Dr. Lee agrees, saying, “Yes, it helps someone who wants to lose weight.” However, she notes, “If your diet is high in fiber, the odds are that you’re eating a clean diet — with a lot more fruits — and veggies — more likely.”

Finally, she shares that one of the best drinks for weight loss is pure matcha tea. If you want to give your drink an upgrade, you can also try adding chia seeds. “Matcha powder is a super antioxidant [and it contains] a little caffeine for the added benefit of a nice boost of energy,” concludes Dr. Lee.


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