Camila Cabello stars in Victoria’s Secret’s first bilingual campaign


Camila Cabello collaborates with Victoria’s Secret for the Bombshell fragrance campaign. (Photo: Getty Images)

Camila Cabello is the latest to team up with Victoria’s Secret.

The 25-year-old Cuban-American singer accepted Instagram on Tuesday to share footage from her latest partnership with the brand for the Bombshell fragrance. She not only stars in an English version of the commercial, but also in a Spanish one.

“Honored to be the newest member of the @victoriassecret Bombshell family 💖 and to be part of the brand’s first-ever bilingual campaign!” she wrote. “Bombshell is about embracing who and what you are and celebrating that every day.”

In the commercial, Cabello goes on to describe what the word bomb means to her, explaining that it’s about “owning your desires and your joys and enjoying all that life has to offer. Those things that make you feel great and happy. To be who you are in every way.”

She later posted more photos from the campaign and shared how empowered she felt to be a part of it. She even expressed gratitude that her freckles weren’t removed from the final pictures.

“I loved this shoot!” She captioned one of three posts. “It’s rare that my little freckles have their moment.”

The singer’s friends and fans took to the comments section to praise Cabello’s beauty.

“Linda,” wrote singer Anitta, while others called Cabello “beautiful” and wrote “You ARE a bombshell.”

The backers also shared that they are “proud” of Cabello for representing Latino women and Spanish speakers in the brand’s first bilingual campaign. Some even stated that they would be willing to endorse Victoria’s Secret with Cabello’s seal of approval.

“Influence,” wrote one. Another said: “I will try this brand because I trust you.”

While Victoria’s Secret has a notable history of exclusionary practices and representation with its models, the brand has recently flipped to become more inclusive. And while Cabello isn’t involved in a lingerie campaign, the body positive singer seems to be the latest to help on the mission.

“We see pictures of women and praise them for looking good, fit or ‘healthy,’ but what is health when you’re so fixated on how your body looks that your mental health suffers and your life suffers Who am I trying to look attractive to and am I even attractive to myself when I can’t let go and relax and have fun and be playful on a beautiful day at the beach?” Cabello wrote in a recent Instagram post about the body image.”I’m not at the point on my journey where I can’t give a shit yet. Intellectually I don’t know how I look like I certainly don’t know how healthy I am happy or sexy I am. Emotionally the message I’m getting.” our world is loud in my own head.”

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