Buyer shares ‘clever’ Kmart barcode hack on Facebook



The customer revealed a hack that makes shopping instantly easier – and it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before.

It’s a problem all regular Kmart buyers are familiar with: finding an item with no price visible, but too heavy or bulky to carry to a price review scanner.

However, one customer shared their tip on how to find out what it costs if an item is heavy (or you can’t bother dragging it around the store, no judgment) – and it’s so easy that you yourself will ask why you didn’t think about it either.

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Publication in KMART HACKS & DECOR Facebook group, said one woman how she went shopping with her mother in Kmart and discovered a table and bench set that they liked.

“No price so I took a picture of the barcode and took my picture to the scanner to see if the price was showing on the price check and it worked!” She wrote.

“Wasn’t sure anyone else tried this, but (it) saved me from trying to find someone to work there to figure out a price, thought I would share it.”

The tip was praised by other buyers, with some comments that they “never thought of it” and that it was “so clever”.

“Well, I’ve already learned something new for 2022,” said one person.

“Brilliant! Why drag things over when you don’t have to!” Commented another.

“I’ve been doing this for years, it’s a great little hack,” one wrote.

However, one shopper said you could apply the tip to other situations where you needed to save a barcode.

“Take a photo of your barcode on your receipts for expensive items or other real but mostly expensive items and if the receipt fades you can take that photo to the store as a receipt. Just fold the receipt to view the item and barcode, ”one person wrote.

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