Bring It On: All or Nothing Stars: Where Are They Now?


While it may not have been released in theaters, this is the third Bring it on Movie – Turn it on: all or nothing – was still a hit!

with Hayden Panettiere, As long as Knowles, Emme Rylan, Gustavo Carr, Giovanni Samuels, Francia Raisa and Jake McDormanAmong other things, the film followed the story of competitive high school cheerleader Brittany Allen after her life changed dramatically. At the beginning of the film, the fictional teenager switches from her Pacific Vista High School team to the Crenshaw Heights Warriors team. After having a hard time fitting in with her new classmates, Brittany eventually helps the Warriors win the cheerleading competition and they step in Rihanna‘s music video.

Turn it on: all or nothing was the third episode in Bring it on Franchise that started in 2000 with Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union as rival high school cheerleading captains. The film, along with its sequels, have all become cultural phenomena, and both Kirsten and Gabrielle have discussed bringing the film back for some sort of reunion.

“Whatever we might be up to one day, I don’t know. Kirsten, maybe we are co-heads of the PTA, ”Gabrielle joked during the film Livestream for the 20th anniversary in August 2020. Kirsten added: “Or we run a jubilee school like [Netflix’s] To cheer. Who knows? It has to be a competition against someone. “

These two actresses aren’t the only ones remembering their memories Bring it on For days over the years, Giovonnie – who played Kirresha in the third film – talked about being compared to her co-stars in a comparison now viral TikTok video from April 2021. At that time, the star responded to a fan TikTok video about her role in the cheerleading film. While showing photos of her co-stars Solange and Francia, the actress explained, “Of course, if I’m standing next to this or this… Yeah, I’ll look huge. And to top it all, I put on weight for the role. “

That Suite lives of Zack and Cody Alum added, “If you think it has influenced you mentally or whatever, it has definitely influenced me and the way I look throughout my career.”

While making it clear that she “loves these two girls,” Giovonnie made it clear that “while Hollywood is getting better when it comes to height inclusion, they still have a long way to go.”

follow her Turn it on: all or nothing Role, Giovonnie stayed in Hollywood and picked up loads of other roles. And she’s not the only one! Scroll through our gallery to see what the cast is up for Turn it on: all or nothing is up to now.

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