Brief: Inexpensive hacks are worthwhile for expensive possessions


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Although my wife and I have a keepsake or two that may be of interest to burglars, we’ll choose an inexpensive option to keep them safe. a locker at our house bank (“Fit for a fortress”, House & Home, FT Weekend, July 17th).

This is not intended to mask the concerns of wealthier individuals. I hope the injured client mentioned in Mark Ellwood’s article has made a full recovery and his new security apparatus will prevent any recurrence.

While I was not recruited to pose for a style magazine with my father’s vintage Timex, I understand the concerns of the “expensive watch” owner.

Regarding the owner of a Ferrari stall, I could suggest a low-tech hack; Remove the battery. If these vehicles are vintage, removing the spark plug wires and / or the distributor cap would likely also frustrate a thief for at least a while. A neighbor suggested to me that a 007 style ejector seat would be just the thing, but I dismissed it as inhuman. Especially since the vehicle’s owner is the owner’s son.

Towards the end of his article, Ellwood notes that cutting-edge security software comes in handy. The example given describes how artificial intelligence can monitor a pool maintenance team to determine if it is too late or lazy at work. It seems that technology is on the way to create a brave new world where life will be even more beautiful, safer and more efficient.

Harvey Clark Greisman
Wilmington, DE, USA

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