Breaking: In a stunning twist, Shakira’s mysterious hunk turns out to be a surf instructor on a therapeutic surf vacation as the “best-selling Latino artist of all time” follows in the sandaled footsteps of Malibu icon Jonah Hill!


Old enough.

Shakira, the Colombian hitmaker who holds the title of “Best Selling Latin American Artist of All Time”. has attracted international attention when it was announced that her 11-year partnership with Spanish football stud Gerard Pique had come to an end. While many, or most, would huddle under a down comforter, eat affogatos and binge-watch Old Enough, the singer-songwriter has proven better and booked a surfing holiday in northern Spain.

While she may not be “ideal” in terms of “surf quality,” Shakira seemed happy in the knee-high runners (Surfline: 8-12ft), and especially when a mysterious hunk in the lineup approached and helped her to smooth them frontal flow.

The internet community has been wondering for days who he could be, but new information has just come to light that he is in fact a surf instructor.

Corresponding Marca Magazine:

As far as we know, this information is still unknown as these images are so fresh, but rest assured that his identity will come to light soon enough. Shakira seems quite relaxed during her classes, she needed a break after such a hectic schedule in the United States. With so much going on in her career right now, the drama of the breakup with Gerard Pique has almost taken a back seat to her.

Shakira has far more important things to do right now. But the fans, who want to see her happy and find love again, can’t help but check on her every now and then. Shakira is one of the most researched celebrities on the internet right now. They’ve tried pairing her with the likes of Henry Cavill and Chris Evans, but none of those options are real.

However, Malibu icon Jonah Hill told her to look no further than the surf instructor. As you know, the heir to the throne of Miki Dora made happy with his own surf instructor and I’m almost sure I would damn recommend Henry Cavill and Chris Evans.

But have you ever had an affair with a beefy, handsome surf instructor?

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#One Love.

Even if your heart is whole and full, be sure to check out Old Enough.

A gift.


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