Book Corner: Escape to new places with travel books | art


“Nala’s World” by Dean Nicholson. Since I live with cats who turn around with the slight clink of the latch on their tote bag, it’s amazing to see Nala’s world travel adventure on Instagram (@ 1bike1world if you’re curious). Nicholson, a worker in Scotland, set out to travel the world in 2018. While in Bosnia, he came across a rowdy kitten trying to keep up with his bike. The kitten was christened Nala and became Nicholson’s friend and travel partner as Nala accompanied her cat father through Bosnia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey and covered thousands of kilometers.

“Driving While Black: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights” by Gretchen Sorin. Although the car has represented independence and opportunity since its inception, cars held a special meaning for African Americans as they enabled black families to evade the dangers of a racist society and at least partially enjoy the freedom to take the open road. Inspired by Victor and Alma Green’s famous Green Book, which began in 1936 and was enriched with their own personal story, Sorin presents a forgotten story of black drivers and describes the creation of a parallel world of travel guides, black-only hotels and communication networks that kept black drivers safe . The Green Paper and similar efforts not only helped make family vacations possible, but also promoted a new method of resisting oppression and showed why travel was an integral part of the civil rights movement.


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