Bo Burnham takes us deeper in The Inside Outtakes


The numerous Burnhams nod as Burnham gives a convoluted non-response to explain the lack of diversity in his solo project. “We could have, should have and should have done better,” he continues, “and we have and will and will continue to do and do and do. Our doing is not done and our doing is not done, okay? So you know that.”

Frequently, The inside outtakes feels more personal and “real” than Inside. While Burnham’s initial offer offered an intimate glimpse into his psyche, at times it felt like it sidestepped the actual circumstances of his life. (Burnham doesn’t actually live alone in a single room, for example.) This time, however, is different. The new video contains a drake-style bop called “Five Years,” apparently about his longtime relationship with the director Lorene Scafaria. “Okay, for the record, you owe me a dumpling. I’m serious, I won’t forget it,” Burnham sings to his fictional partner after she takes one off his plate without being asked. “You owe me a dumpling or dumpling equivalent.”

in the Inside, Burnham takes a light-hearted, comedic look at his origins as a viral teenager in the song “Problematic.” in the the inside outtakes, However, he goes one step further and sits down and watches one of his old YouTube videos. “Since I started so young, basically every shitty joke is any kind of misstep … there’s a lot of material that I’m really embarrassed about and cringe for a lot of reasons,” he says during “YouTube Kid.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t last,” he continues. “I often wish I could just, you know, start over. But I also know that if I didn’t have this material, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Or who I was before I locked myself in this room and lost my mind.”

For the many possessed Inside, the inside outtakes will provide an important insight into Burnham’s madness and genius. For those who liked like me Inside but longed for something more personal and authentic, The inside outtakes breaks the cycle of Inside– and like the chicken of The outtakes‘ last musical offer, actually come to the other side.


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