Bettendorf Crocheter represents Iowa on ‘United States of YouTube’ | People


Many of Kelly’s videos have thousands of views. Most popular video with over 1 million views shows how to crochet a crocodile stitch. New videos come out almost every week, she said.

Kelly joined YouTube nine years ago after a year of success with her blog Moogly, though it took some persuasion to try it out. Aside from feeling uncomfortable standing in front of the camera, she wasn’t sure if there was room for another crochet blogger on the website.

After she started posting – filming late at night with her husband at the dinner table over the weekend and borrowing equipment from his job – and seeing positive responses, she found that the market wasn’t too saturated.

“That was a really big lesson for me, learning that there is always room for another YouTuber on YouTube,” said Kelly. “There were so many more options than I expected.”

Now Kelly can comfortably show her face in front of the camera, making sure her videos are high quality, with good lighting and clear stitching. Her early videos explained basic stitches and moved on to more pattern assistance videos and tutorials on original patterns that Kelly designed. She also hosts a live stream a couple of times a month.

Each content creator has their own personality and style, and Kelly’s way of demonstrating and explaining her techniques resonates with many people. She said that there are people out there who don’t find their videos as helpful as other YouTubers, which is another fact from YouTube that she has learned over the years.


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