Batgirls proves that Oracle’s hacking skills make her very dangerous


The following article contains spoilers from Batgirls #10, now on sale.

A meeting with Commissioner Montoya in Batgirls #10 (by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Neil Googe, Rico Renzi, and Becca Carey) made one thing very clear – Oracle is an extremely dangerous person. Only if she wants it, of course. This observation comes from Montoya calling Batgirl because she has a history of hacking into the GCPD’s systems, something no one can stop her from doing.

This revelation really shows how effective a hacking Oracle is. Even though people know she’s poking around on their servers, there’s next to nothing they can do to stop her for long. It’s a stark reminder that Oracle is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hackers in the DC Universe. It also paints a picture of how terrifying she could be if she were to abandon her moral code and use her gifts for evil.

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Fans already got a little taste of what that would look like in the form of Seer, a brilliant hacker with no morals. Although Seer was later revealed to be little more than an attention-seeking internet troll, her actions caused enough havoc to ruin the Batgirls’ reputation and nearly kill her on several occasions. Even more disturbing is that Seer is not as gifted a hacker as Oracle. The only reason she got the drop on her was the element of surprise and a host of other distractions.

So now think about what Oracle might do if it decides to no longer serve the public good. If Oracle has chosen to use her gifts for her own benefit, there is very little that can stop her. Her own training would help her stay out of reach of her former allies, and from there no computer system in the world would be safe from her. She could easily crack even the most secure system. Then there are the other secrets that she is aware of.

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Oracle has been the coordinator for some of the world’s greatest heroes. She has direct access to their systems and a level of trust that could be disastrous if one day she decides to turn against her. In an instant, each hero’s biggest secrets could suddenly be revealed to the world, or Oracle could even sell them to the highest bidder.

It’s just like Montoya says, no security measure would be good enough to stop Oracle. Worse, deep down everyone knows that. They know Oracle is only a few steps away from revealing all of their dirty laundry, but they work with her anyway, knowing that she could destroy them all with a few keys on their computer if she so chose. It’s a good reminder that while Oracle sides with heroes like any other hero, her potential for villains is astronomical.


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