Australia’s next big thing learned how to play leg spin at Warnie on YouTube


The Tanveer Sangha did not always strive to be a leg thief. What really got his heart rate up was to thunder in the long run and toss the ball down at a terrifying pace – a good plan until he got into his early teens.

What was classified as express for under 10 years of age was set back to medium for under 11 years of age and then returned to “medium-slow” for under 12 years of age. Since his speedometer readings were going in the opposite direction to his cricket ambitions, Sangha forged a Plan B.

Off-spin was the first port of call until he realized his fingers weren’t long or strong enough to give the ball the crack it needed to knock it off the court. So it was a wrist twist, so he turned to two of the greatest of all, Shane Warne and Anil Kumble to get him on the right track.

He hadn’t met then either – and still doesn’t. Instead, he spent hours watching them bowling on YouTube, as well as every twisting leg tutorial he could find before going to the yard or the nets to try to replicate what he’d been consuming.

“I’ve had a few people trying to teach me how to spin, but mostly I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos, Shane Warne and Kumble; Bowling leg spin video tutorials. When I learned, I looked at that and then tried to put it into practice, “said Sangha, who plays a key role for the Thunder at the start of the BBL season in early December.

“Everyone has a unique way of bowling so I wasn’t exactly trying to replicate the way other people bowl. When I was young it was difficult to understand the mechanics of leg twisting and spinning the ball from right to left. I was only trying to land the ball on the court when I tried it for the first time. “

Tanveer Sangha is a rising star in Australian cricket.Credit:Getty

Sangha celebrated its 20th birthday on Friday but has long been considered one of the most exciting spin bowling prospects in the country. He signed with the Thunder at the age of 17 after being spotted at the Thunder Nation Cup, the BBL franchise’s annual multicultural tournament, and was Australia’s lead wicket taker at the U19 World Cup in South Africa in 2020.

Now he’s expanding his reach, winning seven wickets for NSW in two Sheffield Shield games against Victoria before tormenting her even more during the week when he won the 50-over Marsh Cup 4:21.


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