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Since Disneyland, California opened in 1951, all Disney parks have been marketed with the famous slogan “the happiest place on earth”. Not just for the rides and castles, but for all the magic that the parks’ landscapes offer visitors and performers alike.

But all happiness is not in these magical realms. Recently, some Disney park employees have started sharing some dirty secrets about the parks and daily routines on Reddit to help make the magic happen. Some of these reports seem really nasty and they aren’t just related to guest relations. Many of these reported inappropriate practices start with the interview – and what’s next is incredible!

Ready to dive in? If your skin is tough and your stomach is strong enough, here are some of the nastiest secrets about working in Disney parks. No princesses or fairies were involved in this mess!

Interview: where are your tattoos?

A Reddit user who worked for Disney shared some secret news about how the company handled interviews. They stated on the platform that “Disneyland’s first interview papers included a blank outline of a person to indicate where they got tattoos.

It’s no secret that Disney has long had a “no visible tattoos” policy. However, in April 2021, it was revealed that the company is changing its policies to make the performers more inclusive. But to keep the magic in, Disney is still restricting tattoo visibility for some roles so you won’t see Ariel with a full pirate theme anytime soon!

A really gross haunted mansion

News of the Haunted Mansion’s dirty secrets is nothing new. Performers and guests have long reported that some people want to dispose of Grandpa’s ashes in the mansion so that he can be the 1,000th happy meeting point on the trip. Cremated remains aren’t the only news about how gross this dark ride can get, however.

A former cast member’s husband went to Reddit to describe the routine cleaning of that part of the Haunted Mansion that was inaccessible to guests. He brought the dirty news that the inaccessible part was gross Asbestos, dust, grease, cobwebs and all sorts of gross things that have been piling up over decades. His wife had to hop in the shower every time she came home. Yikes!

Corresponding heights for corresponding characters

Playing with famous Disney characters in the parks is sure to be a fan favorite. However, former cast members revealed some old news about height and weight requirements for characters. So if you want to be “friends” with Jasmine (Disney jargon for a character in the park), you have to “compete” in the truest sense of the word.

A former performer responded to the Reddit question with the news, stating that you need to have a certain height range depending on your character. For example, Mickey Mouse was a little character, and a woman always played him. Same goes for Donald Duck. In previous news, princesses supposedly had to be between a certain size and a certain weight!

Sexual harassment of characters is “normal”

More nasty news comes from two Reddit users who reported that Disney characters are frequently molested in the park. One user said they were working with Ariel and a boy decided to rip off one of the character’s seashells when he was ready to snap a picture with the mermaid!

Another Reddit user complained that Disney parks never chased a guest who molested the characters. They gave us an example of a situation where a character’s wrist was broken by a drunk guest, resulting in permanent nerve damage to the performer.

Traumatic lack of security

This secret news came when something bad hit the headlines at a Disney park: In 2009, a monorail train crashed near the Walt Disney World Resort Ticket and Transportation Center, killing the driver.

A former TTC employee said on Reddit that they suffer from post-traumatic stress because they wake up screaming every now and then. The same performer said that “there is no amount of therapy ”that will erase this memory from your mind.

Money robbery Disney style

The next secret doesn’t come from the Netflix show Money robberybut straight from the 1990s. This former Disney Park performer shared some disturbing news of some wicked practice from the time. Once upon a time there was a central bank near the tunnel entrance of the Magic Kingdom. This is the place where all the shops, restaurants and other vendors have deposited all of the money they earned in one day.

Every day an armored truck would come in and drive through the tunnel to simply loot and haul away the money, just like in many action films. Nobody knows how much cash was withdrawn, but we can only imagine.

Do you have any more disgusting news and legends about Disney parks? Let us know in the comments!

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