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FBI: Trump mixed top secret documents with magazines and other items

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen of the 15 boxes recovered from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home earlier this year contained classified documents, many top secret, mixed with various newspapers, magazines and personal correspondence. That’s according to an FBI affidavit released Friday, which explains the justification for the month’s search of the property. The affidavit, even in its redacted form, provides the most detailed description yet of government records kept at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate long after his departure from the White House. It also shows the government’s serious concerns that the documents were there illegally.

Findings from unseal affidavit to search of Mar-a-Lago

WASHINGTON (AP) — While the FBI affidavit justifying the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate is heavily redacted, it includes new details about the classified information kept at the former president’s home. Among the key findings of the document is that Trump had “many” secret records stored at his club, which was not authorized to store such information. The document reveals that the records contained the highest level of intelligence and some were mixed up with other newspapers, magazines and photos. The redacted affidavit also shows that Trump has had repeated opportunities to return the documents.

Abrams, Georgia Democrats looking to prove 2020 wasn’t a ‘coincidence’

ATLANTA (AP) — Four years ago, the Georgia Democrats had a contentious primary for governor because the party’s old guard didn’t believe in Stacey Abrams. She blew away the Elders’ alternative and, after a narrow defeat in the general election, established herself as the de facto party leader on a newfound battlefield. That pointed to 2020, when Joe Biden put Georgia in the Democrats’ presidential column for the first time in 28 years, while Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff captured two Senate seats in 2021 to give Democrats control of Capitol Hill. This year, Abrams and Warnock top the Democrat list as the party seeks to repeat its success in a troubled midterm election landscape.

GOP, Dems Seek Political Boost Through Student Loan Debt Plan

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) — For Democrats championing the White House student loan writ plan, it was the long-awaited delivery of one of President Joe Biden’s campaign promises. For Republicans — and even some in the president’s own party — it was an ill-advised move that was unfair to those who had conscientiously paid off their loans or decided not to go to college. Both parties see the student debt relief plan as an opportunity to reinforce their own political message ahead of the critical November midterm elections. While Democrats claimed that the loan write-off would provide a lifeline for struggling working-class families, Republicans accused it of being a giveaway to the “elites.”

Fears of a radiation leak near Ukraine’s nuclear power plant are mounting

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – Authorities have started distributing iodine tablets to residents near Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in the event of a radiation leak, amid mounting fears fighting around the complex could trigger a disaster. The move came a day after the facility was temporarily shut down due to fire damage to a transmission line. The incident increased fears of a nuclear disaster in a country still reeling from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Trump election investigation in Georgia cites violation of electoral system

ATLANTA (AP) — The prosecutor investigating whether former President Donald Trump and others illegally attempted to interfere in Georgia’s 2020 election is seeking information about a voting equipment violation in a county about 200 miles south of her office in Atlanta. The broadening of the investigation highlights the latest case in which unauthorized persons have apparently gained access to voting machines since the 2020 election, mostly in battleground states lost to Trump. Election experts have raised concerns that sensitive information shared online about the equipment may have exposed vulnerabilities that could be exploited by people intent on disrupting future elections.

Louisiana woman denied abortion wants clarification on ‘vague’ ban

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – A pregnant Louisiana woman who has been denied an abortion despite her fetus having a rare and deadly condition is asking Gov. John Bel Edwards to call a special session of the legislature to clarify the state’s abortion law. Nancy Davis said at a news conference Friday that she will be traveling out of state next week for a “medically necessary” abortion. Davis is 15 weeks pregnant. Louisiana state law prohibits all abortion unless there is a significant risk of death or disability to a woman if she continues her pregnancy and in the case of “medically unfeasible” pregnancies. Lawmakers say Davis is qualified to have an abortion and that a hospital misconstrued the law.

Official: 6 out of 43 missing Mexican students were handed over to the army

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A Mexican official says six of the 43 college students “disappeared” in 2014 were allegedly kept alive for days in a warehouse and then handed over to the local army commander, who ordered their killing. Interior Minister Alejandro Encinas’ surprising comment on Friday directly linked the military to one of Mexico’s worst human rights scandals. And it came with little fanfare as he lengthily defended the commission’s report released a week earlier. At the time, Encinas declared the kidnappings and enforced disappearances a “crime against the state” and said the army looked on without intervening, but made no mention of the handing over of six students to Colonel José Rodríguez Pérez. The Mexican Ministry of Defense has not commented on the allegations.

Mississippi residents prepare for possible river flooding

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — People in and around the Mississippi capital are being urged to prepare for the Pearl River flooding. Storms dropped heavy rains in Mississippi and other parts of the Deep South. Some homes and businesses in the Jackson area are expected to be flooded. Experts say the Pearl River could be nearly as high on Tuesday as it was during a 2020 flood. Suzannah Thames of Jackson hired a crew to remove furniture, appliances and other items from a rental home she owns. She said Friday that in 2020 the house was filled with dirty, snake-infested water.

Sick dolphin calf gets better with tube milk and helping hands

RAYONG, Thailand (AP) – The sick and weakened dolphin calf drowned in a tidal pool on Thailand’s coast when fishermen found it. Conservationists advised the fishermen on how to provide emergency care until the calf could receive veterinary treatment at a marine research center. The baby was nicknamed the Paradon, or “brotherly burden,” because those involved knew that saving his life would not be an easy task. Native to shallow Asian waters, the Irrawaddy dolphin is considered an endangered species due to habitat loss, pollution, and illegal fishing. Paradon was cared for around the clock by staff and volunteers for a month to keep him in his aquarium clean and give him milk. He’s still weak but appears to be on the mend.

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