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For someone who likes to watch YouTube videos day and night, it can be difficult to stream your favorite music videos, tutorials, or movies when the internet connection drops you. There are situations when you do not have access to the internet and are therefore completely prevented from streaming your favorite content on YouTube. These are the moments when you regret not having downloaded these videos for offline streaming which also saves your internet data if you don’t have unlimited broadband connection.

The best YouTube downloaders allow you to seamlessly save all of your favorite videos offline with no additional fees. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows PC or MacBook device, the best YouTube downloader will let you download your selected videos offline so you can get your favorite content regardless of an active internet connection.

There are a number of YouTube downloaders out there and after testing the top lists I can assure you that the The best YouTube downloader for PC is Airy from Eltima’s Software.

Download YouTube videos offline with Airy

Airy is a free YouTube downloader that allows users to save YouTube videos offline in the format of their choice along with other unique features. There are times when you tend to re-watch your favorite videos on YouTube and Airy is here to make your day better. It’s an essential one YouTube downloader for Mac it works fine on Windows too, if you have one. Get your favorite YouTube videos in the best quality and in the format of your choice straight to your desktop.

Airy YouTube downloader Seamlessly downloads all of your favorite YouTube videos with just one copy and paste input from the user.

Airy YouTube downloader

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Airy YouTube Downloader Features:

  1. Download MP3 Directly from YouTube-

It is obvious that someone would want to download music from their favorite artists and listen to their favorite tracks without having to worry about an active internet connection. Airy enables you to download MP3 directly from YouTube perfect. So now you can expand your music library and use Airy to download high quality audio tracks directly from YouTube.

1. Browser integration

During times when you are busy finishing up your office or college assignment, or just replying to all of your pending emails, you may want to listen to some lo-fi tracks just to stay focused. Airy gives you full browser integration so you can download your YouTube videos or MP3 audio files while you surf the web. Instantly start YouTube downloads in Safari, Chrome, and other modern browsers.

2. Quality preference:

The quality of a video affects the size of your downloadable file. Airy allows you to choose your preferred video quality and supports 3GP, FLV, MP4 and even 8K Ultra HD. You can download your favorite videos in the highest resolution available. Download Airy and start the download now.

3. Download entire playlists:

Downloading a single video isn’t a tedious task, but downloading an entire playlist one at a time will likely require more energy, time, patience, and effort. Airy will save you all that, just copy the link to your selected playlist from YouTube and paste Airy the rest for you.

4. Access to restricted content:

Airy doesn’t stop you from downloading age-restricted and protected YouTube videos. Just sign up and enjoy all unrestricted downloads with the best YouTube downloader – Airy.

5.Download YouTube subtitles:

If you enjoy watching foreign content with subtitles, you’re in luck because Airy lets you download .srt files along with your videos so you can have the best experience while watching your favorite YouTube videos offline.

Airy is the best YouTube downloader for Mac, but it works just as well on Windows too. There is no lag, no overpriced subscription services, and no annoying ads, just the best experience of downloading YouTube videos offline.

How do I download YouTube videos on Mac and Windows?

  1. Open YouTube in your browser> select the YouTube video you want to convert> copy the url to your clipboard.
  2. Open Airy and paste the copied link into the text box. Select the preferred quality and format to download the video.
  3. After choosing a format option, start the download by clicking the red button. Your YouTube video will be downloaded shortly.

Download MP3 music directly from YouTube with Airy

Airy is not just about downloading YouTube videos offline, but for those who love to listen to music on YouTube and have created their own playlists or listen to podcasts on the platform, Airy allows you to have all of your MP3 files straight from YouTube download.

Airy is the best YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac and Windows PC that you can find.

Use Airy to download all your favorite playlists and channel videos in MP3 audio format directly from YouTube in the best quality. The application also gives you multiple format options and its carefully designed user interface combines the best features available in YouTube downloaders and converters in the market.

The MP3 conversion is seamless and can be done using the Airy YouTube downloader. Advanced users can download entire playlists at once, which are downloaded directly as MP3 files that can be played instantly. The user experience is seamless and near perfect compared to other converters on the market.

Airy YouTube downloader

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Benefits of Using Airy:

1. Download entire playlists at once:

Airy saves time, energy and effort by supporting playlist links. Copy and paste the link into your selected playlist and hit download, leave the rest to Airy.

2. Download and stack in parallel:

Having a fast internet connection is good for you as Airy can also download multiple files for you at the same time. Time is as precious as gold, save it with Airy. Plus, unlike some other YouTube downloaders, you don’t have to wait for a download to complete. Airy allows you to stack them up to continue downloading while you sit back and relax.

3. Pause at any time:

This feature is practically a lifesaver. You have a Wi-Fi connection so stack all the downloads at once and then your Wi-Fi will stop working or you may need to go urgently in the middle of the download process. With Airy you can pause and resume downloads at any time, with all formats and settings retained.

4. Download channels:

If you were impressed with the above features, this is going to blow your mind. Airy allows you to download the entire YouTube channel as long as you have a fast internet connection and enough storage space. An overwhelming feature of Airy YouTube Downloader.

How one Convert YouTube video to MP3 on Mac and Windows with Airy?

  1. Open YouTube in your browser> select the YouTube video you want to convert> copy the url to your clipboard.
  2. Open Airy and paste the copied link into the text box. Select ‘MP3’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Download button. The file will be added to your queue and will be downloaded shortly.

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