A number of new features for Panasonic’s Arc flight map


Panasonic Avionics has released a number of new features for Arc, its inflight charting platform, which has been ordered by 25 airlines. The Arc v2.0 release includes live data capabilities and new ways to control the map experience.

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New, enhanced features for Arc v2.0 include Arc Weather, a data-driven live feature with regularly updated weather data displayed both globally and specifically for the flight destination and any other location selected by the passenger. The Arc Studio feature is a web-based tool that allows designers to update and manage map data such as place names, landmarks, or points of interest. Panasonic says future features will include creating and deploying new templates for map content and views.

Arc v2.0 also includes information for Islamic passengers with an updated Mecca pointer and relevant times for each day during Ramadan. Finally, the enhanced city guides allow customers to incorporate new design elements into points of interest and create custom articles to foster destination loyalty and strengthen partnerships.

Panasonic Avionics has also announced the features being developed for the next major Arc release in 2023, including Arc 3D for mobile, a fully native application designed to deliver the Arc experience in a portable form. Another release will allow a full-featured Arc interactive map experience to be developed specifically for Panasonic’s premium handset.

Another upcoming feature is Arc Flight Simulator. Using the IFE display or the handset in the seatback, passengers can simulate taking control of their flight, navigating the world and playing flight-related games.


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