A garden expert reveals what you should “never” do when disposing of perennial weeds


Removing and controlling weeds in the garden can be a tricky task. Some gardeners recommend using certain weed killers while others suggest more natural methods. There are many tips out there, but it’s important to control them as they can steal nutrients from the plants you love.

In a YouTube video for Homebaseuk, a gardening expert gave some tips on how to remove perennial plants and what you should “never” do when disposing of them.

In the video released in April 2012, Holland Park’s former head gardener demonstrated some of the techniques.

The narrator said, “Weeds are something that bothers every gardener in the world.

“They compete with crops for light, water and nutrients and can harbor pests.

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Then the horticulturist pulled up the weeds by swinging the fork up on the handle.

The weeds, which looked like a thistle, peeled away from the earth.

Stella then picked up the plant to reveal the roots.

The narrator continued, “Perennial weeds live from year to year and usually have fairly extensive roots.

Perennial weeds can live for several years and even survive the winter months.

They store food in their roots, which can spread over a large area under the earth.

Most perennial weeds have deep tap roots that must be completely removed or the plant can grow back.

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