7 turkey hacks of the day for Thanksgiving dinner and any other meal this weekend


A mountain of mashed potatoes with sauce and lingonberry glaze over your roast – this wonderful feast heralds the start of the Christmas season, but it can also cause seasonal stress. Meals beyond the main event can be boring at times, especially when Thanksgiving leftovers are the only option. But no worry! Your vacationers will love these seven recipes that spice up leftovers and keep them on top of your busy vacation calendar. Welcome to a touch of Paris with this year St. Pierre Bakery decadent brioche! Get ready to hone your turkey cooking skills and prepare a feast for everyone. Happy feasting! Recipes for Thanksgiving Recipes

Wednesday November 24th

Make: cocktails | Half Baked Harvest’s Ginger Apple Moscow Mule

Greet your vacationers with a drink in hand and make sure it’s this refreshing, fall-inspired cocktail: the Ginger Apple Moscow Mule. Start the long weekend celebrations with cocktails and laughter. This drink mixes vodka with a splash of fresh lime, creamy apple butter, ginger beer and a fresh grated ginger for a flavorful finish. Be sure to serve it in the classic copper mug and look forward to the fun times ahead.

Recipes for Thanksgiving Recipes

Thursday November 25th

Make: Breakfast | St. Pierre’s French Toast Casserole

Photography provided by: St. Pierre Bakery

Start Thanksgiving morning with a decadent Parisian treat, a sweet French toast casserole with the irresistible St. Pierre Brioche Bread (a real Thanksgiving staple). Whisk the cinnamon, nutmeg, and your classic French toast ingredients together to enjoy the softest cloud-like bread for this casserole. Gently dust with sugar, drizzle with maple syrup and top with berries for a delicious dish that is oh so splendid. “All of our brioche are made from an authentic French recipe. St Pierre is America’s favorite brand of brioche. So if you want to indulge in French toast, you might as well use the best brioche! ”Says Marketing Director Jen Danby. That’ll hold out for a few more hours until the main festival!

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Thursday November 25th

Make: main course | Grilled turkey with beer brin and red chile adobe

Photography provided by: Modelo

If you’re hosting the big gathering this year, one thing is certain: you don’t want to make dry turkey. With many different ways to prepare your turkey dinner, this beer-brine grilled turkey is going to win the award. Mix in a bottle of Modelo, Mexican condiments, and set up your grill with mesquite wood chips for the smokiest taste. Your 24-pack of bottled beers will never go to waste, so stock up on your refreshments during this gifting season!

Recipes for Thanksgiving Recipes

Friday November 26th

Make: lunch | St. Pierre Turkey Slider

There’s no doubt that one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is enjoying turkey sandwiches the next day for some Black Friday fuel. Turn this happy season around and invite French culture into your home. Combine melted Gouda, green beans, and all of the ingredients on the fluffy one St Pierre Brioche pusher rolls for some delicious turkey sliders. With the steaming cranberry jelly melting turkey and cheese together, this easy recipe is a gobble to devour. For the finishing touch, coat the top of the slightly sweet brioche with a layer of butter and bake your fillings together for the most delicious delicacy.

Saturday November 27th

Make: Breakfast | Sweet Potato Pancakes

Photography by: © Food & Wine, Photo by Victor Protasio / Food Styling by Torie Cox / Prop Styling by Claire Spollen

Pumpkin pie for breakfast might not seem like a balanced meal, but these candied sweet potato pancakes can be just the ticket. This fluffy stack combines well-known autumn spices with the classic morning delicacy and is sure to please your weekend guests. Beat up your leftover sweet potatoes to breathe new life into this side dish. Sprinkle some toasted walnuts and pour maple syrup over your cakes to enhance the soothing cinnamon and clove notes.

Recipes for Thanksgiving Recipes

Saturday November 27th

Make: Dessert | St. Pierre’s Brioche-Topped Apple Pie

Photography provided by: St. Pierre

For a simple but comfortable cobbler, St. Pierre‘s apple pie with brioche topping tastefully highlights the apple harvest season. Slice a few apples and melt the butter, sugar, and pumpkin pie seasoning for warming autumn flavors. The toasted brioche nicely accentuates the caramelized layer and is perfectly topped off with vanilla ice cream. Serve your business this quick and easy favorite; It’s a sweet treat that you are sure to like. “St. Pierre can help you be the ultimate host and give Thanksgiving to your guests [weekend] to remember, ”says Danby.

Sunday November 28th

Make: dinner | Thanksgiving Day Crunchwrap

That is probably the last acceptable day for eating Thanksgiving leftovers. You may now be tired of eating the same dishes from your feast, but this recipe is sure to shake things up. Introducing the Thanksgiving Crunchwrap! For the bottom filling, sprinkle mashed potatoes over a tortilla, then top with green beans, minced turkey, cranberry sauce, filling, and white cheddar for ultimate indulgence. Toast your creation in a pan and serve with warm sauce for a pleasant surprise!

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