7 rules to improve your shopping habits.


Having a list of products in one place is very helpful to me because I can clearly see how delusional I am in believing I could afford 20 new products.

Plus, I can edit my own list over time and decide that it may not be necessary.

What to do when a sale is in progress …

2. Make changes to your wish list.

My second rule is to refer to your wish list and edit yourself again. Add up all of the items and wonder if there are duplicates or items that you really don’t need anymore.

3. Don’t make impulse purchases.

Don’t spontaneously buy something that you didn’t want to buy before you open your email, web browser, or shopping app. This is my weakness and absolutely what I have to work on. I am going to see a nice shiny product on a homepage and I am very tempted to buy it.

Stay Strong and Refer to the List!

4. Store yourself with staples.

Stock up on basic items you already own and use frequently – like shampoo, conditioner, detergent, and SPF. These are necessary and you don’t have to feel bad about buying these on sale.

5. Think ahead.

Think about gifts that you need to buy in the coming months – plan birthdays and Christmas and occasions that you know.

If you buy in advance while they are on sale, you will save money if you do not purchase more full-price items closer to the date.

6. Set a budget.

Using luxury beauty products is my way of self-care, but I always make sure not to spend more than I have in my bank account – no beauty product is worth going into debt.

7. It’s okay not to buy anything.

There will always be a sale. If all of this is too overwhelming for you – don’t buy anything, unsubscribe from beauty emails (my marketing heart is bleeding on that statement) and come back when you are clear about what to buy and for what purpose.

11 more things to help me sell:

  • I keep an Excel spreadsheet of my beauty purchases with a total cost list (am I type A or what ?!).

  • Reminding me that we all have different skin types and tones, and just because someone else is buying a product doesn’t mean I need it.

  • I remember my values ​​- quality over quantity (your products might cost more that cost less – it’s all that works for you).

  • Buy my own collection and go through my makeup kit every week to see what goodies I might have forgotten. Flip them over so it feels like you’ve just got new makeup.

  • Follow Instagram influencers who love to shop for their stash and leave authentic reviews.

  • Follow Youtubers who talk about not having to buy every new beauty product.

  • Follow #projectpan on Instagram.

  • Do a no-buy for three months and ask a friend to do this with me so I can stay on track.

  • Set yourself a financial goal to save up for something outside of beauty. For example, you can use the next six months to save up for a vacation.

  • Creating “Money Mondays” where my husband and I go through our credit card statements. I only do this exercise for my own responsibility!

  • Remember that you are human and it’s okay to make impulse purchases sometimes if it’s not all the time.

What do you have in mind for upcoming Black Friday sales? Are you going to use some of these tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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