7 easy iPhone hacks to help your battery last longer – and why it dies after 2 years



Do you find that your iPhone battery often runs out no matter how much you charge it? Then you’re not alone.

The problem of quickly draining battery life is common for most of iPhone users. In fact, you’ll find that your battery is draining faster and faster with every new iOS update.

Why is this happening? Well, usually your apps are to blame. Some of the apps on your iPhone continue to run in the background even when you are not using them.

Now, you can’t delete all of these apps to save your battery life, but there are some clever but simple hacks to optimize your battery usage.

Stop the constant “quitting” of apps

Do not try to close apps as restarting will often drain your battery faster

Stop trying to keep closing your iPhone apps. Not only is this a waste of time, it can end up doing more harm than good.

Apple explains that if your recently used apps appear on your carousel, they aren’t actually open. You are in standby mode and are not really discharging the battery.

But if you have to wipe these out and then have to restart them when you want to use them, the battery life will be exhausted. The harder you put your battery on, the faster it will drain and the app will also take longer to restart.

Switch on automatic brightness

While it’s tempting to set your phone’s brightness to its maximum, it doesn’t have to be at full power all the time.

The brighter your phone screen, the faster your battery brain is. So turn on Apple’s auto-brightness feature, which regulates display brightness based on ambient lighting wherever you are.

This step improves battery life over time and is also a clever way to keep your brightness at the right level automatically.

Activate energy saving mode

Enabling power saving mode can help turn off some of your phone’s power hungry features.

While this can help your iPhone battery last longer, it also means that some apps, tools, and features on your phone will temporarily stop working.

To enable power saving mode, go to Settings> Battery and toggle the switch at the top.

Switch to airplane mode

If you are ever in a situation where you have no hope of getting a signal, it is always best to switch to airplane mode. This prevents your iPhone from constantly searching for networks, which can often affect your battery life.

To enable Airplane Mode, go to Settings and toggle the Airplane Mode button above.

Check the condition of your battery

An iPhone that charges with a portable charger - useful in the event of a power outage.
When your battery is dead, you can swap it for a healthy one in Apple stores

Sometimes your battery starts to drain because it is worn out and you need to upgrade it. To check your battery health, go to your Settings app and scroll down to the Battery section.

From here, select the Battery Health option where you will see some details. The first is the maximum capacity, which is listed as a percentage and tells you the exact percentage of charge your iPhone battery is currently holding compared to when it was new.

Your battery is considered exhausted when it is below 80%. This means it is time to upgrade your battery.

Next, you’ll also see a battery performance rating, which will let you know whether or not your battery is performing effectively.

Your battery will typically start to wear out after 500 full charges, which is less than two years for most users. If the battery is running low, you can request an exchange from the Apple Store, which is free during the warranty period and otherwise incurs a fee.

Turn off all power-hungry settings

Your phone has many features that are consuming your battery life. You can save battery by turning off these power-hungry features.

To do this, turn off location settings by going to Settings> Privacy> Location Services. The other option is to prevent apps from looking for new content in the background.

To do this, go to Settings> General> Background App Update and toggle the switch off.

Delete any apps that destroy the battery

Your iPhone has a built-in tool that can help you find out exactly which apps are draining your battery life. To check this, go to Settings> Battery. Here tap on the “Last 10 Days” option, which shows the battery consumption for various apps over the last week and a half.

You can see in percentage form which apps have drained your battery. For example, if an app is 20% off, it means it has consumed a fifth of your battery life.

The option also allows you to find your activities in the apps. That means that if you’ve been little time with the app but it’s listed high for use, this app is a battery killer that you’d better get rid of.



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