7 Dance Workout Videos For A Really Fun Cardio Session


If you are looking for an energetic workout paired with some pump up music then enter the world of dance workout videos. Often combining high-intensity interval training, aerobic activity and some cute moves, the best dance workout videos on YouTube will bring some party vibes into your living room.

1. Old school 90’s hip hop workout

Let Ashley guide you through some cool moves while Bell plays Biv DeVoe’s Poison. Every punch, dip and step is on time, making the whole workout feel more like a party. Go ahead and lip sync if you like.

Ashley’s energy is infectious, and you’ll be on your feet and moving to the throwback tunes in no time. Gentler alternatives are also available for the more intense aerobic exercise, so you can customize the workout to suit your needs. Just follow Ashley and be sweating in no time.

The entire Fit Body by Ashley channel is a fantastic resource for fun dance videos, from full length workouts to quick one song hits. If you’re into old-school vibe, check out the cardio dance routine to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation.

2. The most joyful, fun 20-minute dance workout

Keep up with this high-energy, feel-good dance workout from Jamie Kinkeade’s The Studio. Classic training and aerobic moves are part of the routine, but the real focus is on the movement and groove to the beat.

The four dancers in the video have an absolute blast with their workout and their energy jumps right off the screen. They want to join in right away and keep up with the fast-paced choreography. Also, all the songs in the video are clean versions, so you don’t have to worry when there are children in the house.


Also, The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade is a channel packed with live stream workouts, many more cardio dance videos, and walk dance workouts that are a fun way to start your day. Dancing is an amazing alternative workout if you don’t like the gym and this channel is a fantastic source of material.

3. 15-minute salsa workout

Keep the beat in this infectiously upbeat video with Zumba Sulu. Get on the music, clap your hands, and have a real bang with this workout you can do almost anywhere.

There are no verbal cues – just follow his lead for a full-body workout with lots of rhythmic movements. The quick steps, twists and arm movements make for a fun and graceful dance workout. Most of the moves will be familiar to any salsa dancer, but newcomers to this form will pick up the steps in no time.

The rest of the Zumba Sulu channel offers many more dance workouts, as well as Zumba warm-ups and choreographies. Choose any video for a fun, feel-good dance video that you will come back to again and again.

If you’re interested in learning more about salsa (or a specific dance style), check out the easy ways to learn how to dance online. There is no shortage of resources for aspiring dance students.

4. 15 minute dance party workout

Join MadFit and dance to some hits from the 2000s, from Usher to Beyoncé. It’s okay if you sing along during this dance cardio workout because you’ll almost certainly know all the words.

More on the training side of a dance workout, this routine will have you doing squats, lunges, and many more cardio moves while keeping the beat. It’s a fast, high-energy workout that’ll get you sweating in no time.

With over six million subscribers, MadFit’s channel is one of the most popular workout sites on YouTube. Many more dance party workouts are available, as well as videos that focus on strength training, full body workouts, and stretching routines.

5. 20-minute cardio session with swing dance

Instructor and choreographer Jeff Tong leads this upbeat class based on classic swing dance moves. Learn versions of the cakewalk, falling off a log, and shim sham slides.

You’ll also get some pretty great cardio work-out with this delightful introduction to classical dance. Get ready to kick, kick, and hop to songs by Bruno Mars, Ray Charles, and Basement Jaxx.

Tong explains each step and offers variations, and his enthusiasm for each dance move shines through. The whole video is an adorable watch; Keep an eye out for the curious cat fooling around in the background!

In addition to Jeff’s video, the Find Your Active channel has other videos on aerobics, strength training, and Pilates. It’s a great selection of fitness-based videos perfect for adding variety to your workout routine.

6. 15-minute groove dance workout

Train (while looking pretty cool) with this video from Instructor Brandon “BeastBoi” Juezan. Start with a simple head nod and work your way up to full-body groove moves over the course of several songs.

Juezan guides the choreography with clear explanations and the rest of the class bring extra energy to the whole experience. Two steps, body rolls and even the cabbage patch are all included in the mix so you can enjoy a fun variety of moves.

You can find tons of great dance content on the Steezy channel, including beginner videos, tutorials and many more dance workouts.

7. KPOP cardio workout

Train on BTS, BLACKPINK and Big Bang in this workout tutorial by Emi Wong. A certified advanced personal trainer, Wong is a popular fitness YouTuber, and this high-energy video packs plenty of exercise into just 10 minutes.

Leg shuffles, push-push, and the squat punch are some of the moves that are included. Wong explains the moves beforehand, so don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with any of the exercises. Soon you will be moving to Bang Bang Bang in no time.

Check out Emi Wong’s channel for more fitness content, including full-body workouts, abs, and stretches.

Rock your workout with cardio dance videos

There’s a dance workout video for almost every musical taste, so have fun exploring and grooving in different styles. These cardio dance videos will add a lively, fun blast to your workout routine, and you’ll learn a few new moves along the way. Get excited about your cardio workout with these engaging videos.

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