5 hacks to avoid travel stress during congested Eid homecoming trips


TEMPO.CO, jakartaThe Indonesian government decided to allow this Eid homecoming or mudik Travel this year after being banned for the past two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The peak of the annual Eid al-Fitr mass exodus was predicted for late April. But today, April 27, the state toll road operator confirmed that there was an 8-kilometer traffic jam on the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road.

Traveling to your hometown for the Eid al-Fitr celebration may sound joyful – reuniting with extended families and loved ones. However, due to the long journey, it can also be stressful. here tempo outlines five tricks homecomers can do to avoid travel stress:

  1. Chat with others

A slow traffic flow can be an opportunity to interact with others or communicate with those around you, directly or through a phone call.

  1. eat snacks

Standing in a long traffic jam can certainly cause hunger. Don’t forget to pack enough food and drinks to cheer you up with a snack or two during a long journey.

  1. listen to music

Listening to music can calm your mood and relax you. Music is nowadays available via the radio or mobile phones. TTime seems to fly by when you’re singing while listening to music.

  1. Read books

One of the most relaxing conversations in the middle of heavy traffic is reading a book. Also, there is now something like an audio book to make it more enjoyable together.

  1. Sleep

There’s no harm in taking a short nap in between Eid homecoming Travel. However, drivers are prohibited from doing so and are encouraged to rest or enter the rest area if they feel tired and sleepy.

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