3 underrated hacks for living longer, by a Longevity MD


When we asked Vuu how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to longevity, he responded with a 100% free practice: Raising Awareness. “If you can build more awareness in your life and tactically pause before you do anything, you can direct the life you want to live,” he says.

Have him explain, “People are a little hypnotized [by] this matrix of how they live their lives and this way of living really creates disease,” he adds. “If we’re able to pause tactically and be like, ‘Oh man, I’m craving this cookie right now, but it’s not really good for me. Can I drink bottled water instead? Can I go for a walk instead? Boom. You just made a decision about your health.”

Basically, it’s all too easy to slip through life on autopilot and just act on what we’ve learned from society, our parents, etc. But if you can break out of this cycle and really think about the choices you make, you can ultimately make better choices about your health. “Create that space, because in that space you create yourself…in our relationships, in our health, and in our businesses,” Vuu continues. And as we mentioned earlier, awareness raising is completely free.


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