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Shrimpy.io is a next generation digital asset management platform that allows you to connect and use all of your crypto accounts under one central system. The advantage of using Shrimpy is that you can execute trades and monitor cryptocurrencies at any time without having to log into exchanges individually. Additionally, users new to trading can participate in social trading to copy – and take advantage of – the movements of more experienced market participants.

Shirmpy.io is a next generation trading platform that simplifies the process of managing your crypto. No longer do you have to log into every exchange to monitor your stocks or conduct a transaction. With Shrimpy.io you can link all exchanges on one platform.

The company supports a total of 16 cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, Gemini and BitMart. All of this gives you access to all of your cryptocurrency holdings and makes crypto trading easier.

You can set up demo accounts to see how all of the features work. The demo accounts allow you to place stop loss, rebalance, connect with other traders, track your history, and backtest. All of these tools show the benefits you get when you use Shrimpy.io to integrate your cryptocurrency holdings.

The backtesting feature allows you to view the results of using these features over selected time periods. You choose the timeframe and percentages to see how the platform can improve your profitability. All of this is available for free, and you click the demo link to see what is available.

Shrimpy.io uses a help section on its website to answer your general questions. Support from the YouTube, Discord, and Reddit communities are other ways to address these issues. If you need to contact them, you can contact the company via email or Twitter. You will hear back within 24 hours.

The only downside is that customer support is not available over the phone. You will need to be patient in solving some issues as it will take more time for customer support to respond.

Shrimpy.io offers you different pricing plans. The starter costs $ 19 per month to spot trading, connects to 5 exchanges, automates 3 accounts, and uses a 15 minute update.

The professional plan costs $ 79 per month for 5-minute upgrade options, connection to 10 exchanges, automation of 5 accounts, and free optimization with rebalancing. Futures trading is coming to this plan soon.

The Enterprise plan is $ 299 per month for a 1 minute credit refresh, 10 account automation, connection to 25 exchanges, priority support, and a server.

These plans are sensible and offer you many options. The only downside are those who want additional functionality and access, e.g. B. the link with more than 25 exchanges.

Shrimpy makes life easier by linking your crypto accounts to different exchanges while combining it with social trading. The platform will help improve your trading efficiency and keep track of what is happening to your accounts. You can copy what the best traders do through the social trading tool. No other platform is comprehensive or gives you all the tools and features to make crypto trading easy.

The website is easy to navigate and user friendly. You can register an account by clicking a button and filling in the information. A blog and academy will help you learn all you need to know and improve your blockchain education and crypto trading. These tools and the beginner-friendly layout make Shrimpy easy to use.

Best for

New crypto investors

Shrimpy.io vs. competitor

Shrimpy offers unique benefits that help the company stand out from the competition. The platform makes crypto trading easy and improves your effectiveness as a trader through automation.

Shrimpy’s biggest disadvantage over its competitors is its pricing. Competitors are offering lower prices and free accounts to start with. Shrimpy’s plans don’t give you a free option and you pay more. The difference is that you will have better tools and learning resources to improve your skills. Competitors can link your accounts and exchanges, but you are all alone to find out how it all works.

Shrimpy is an excellent platform for crypto trading. You get unique tools that make everything easy. The website is easy to navigate and you can find most of the answers to your questions in the blog, academy, and FAQ sections.

The challenges lie with some customer support options; You can’t use a free plan at launch and pay more for Shrimpy. However, you get fantastic tools and connections that will improve your trading skills. You get more from Shrimpy and can get better at trading to increase your profitability.

Shrimpy.io tutorial

Shrimpy offers you numerous tutorials to help you navigate the website and make better use of all functions.

frequently asked Questions


Is Shrimpy Trustworthy?


David Jones


Shrimpy uses encryption and application programming interface (API) keys to validate and protect all of your information. The company offers 2-factor authentication methods for accessing your account.

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Are trading bots legal?


David Jones


Yes. Bots are legal for trading cryptocurrencies.

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