19 healthy hacks the Mamamia team swears by.


If you’re like us, health and fitness can easily get out of focus in the chaos of life.

Taking a fitness class or waking up at dawn to a run can feel … challenging.

But living healthy doesn’t necessarily require such a labor-intensive approach.

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So we spoke to 19 women to learn their tried and tested life hacks for healthier living – with no extra effort.

Here are the micro-habits they swear by to bring a little more light to their day:

“If I want to run or work out early, I have to take off my ENTIRE outfit the night before. Otherwise it won’t happen. It makes it so much easier when I’m dazed, just put everything on, skull coffee and run out the door.” – Charlie.

“I rest on my back and lift my feet up against the wall for five minutes when I get a little anxious while focusing on my breath. It’s a quick and easy fix for me! Not that simple and glamorous too but do an office … “- Cleo.

“I sign up for my gym classes at the beginning of the week so I can book them well in advance of my day.” – Julia.

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“I go to the gym in the afternoon. When my outfit allows it, I wear my sports bra to work. That means in my head that I’m ‘half dressed’ and ready when I get off work. Such a small step, but it’s such a mindset hack. “- Gem.

“Owning a Fitbit made me want to walk more often. Seeing how many steps I take in a day really encourages me to get up and move around.” – Michelle.

“I’ve started doing Pilates once a week to build my core strength and I’ve found it helps immensely with my regular exercise and daily life.” – Bern.


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