15 kitchen hacks that will change your life


The kitchen is the heart of the house – this is where the food is prepared, the gossip about the sink is shared and the mouth is fed.

However, we could all use some help on the hobs from time to time.

But instead of hiring a cleaner or a private chef, reach out to TikTok for advice and help.

The video sharing app is a source of knowledge when it comes to culinary hacks and cleaning tips that make these tasks a little easier.

Many of these methods have amazed viewers at their simplicity and scratched their heads as to why they had never thought of them before.

But to save you the hassle of searching, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular TikTok kitchen hacks. Prepare to become enlightened …

1. Just make sure the dishes are dry

Dishwashers are a fantastic invention … until you have to empty one. However, this task becomes all the more boring if you also have to dry the cleaned dishes by hand. Fortunately, a grandmother explained that you had to cover the machine door with a tea towel and close it for five minutes to prevent this from happening.

2. How to chop onions without crying

Chopping onions can make us cry, and sobbing in an apron is never a good look. What looks great, however, is the makeshift protective equipment a woman made from a hooded sweatshirt and a pot lid. We can see this starting.

3. How to make cutlery sparkle

Make sure you have sparkling cutlery by using aluminum foil. Yes, really! Just grind it into a ball and put it in the dishwasher along with your cutlery to remove dullness and scratches.

4. How to make sure that fruit stays fresh

Summer is the season for fresh fruits, but if you don’t devour them quickly, they will go moldy or rot. That’s why an Alabama woman chills it in a glass, claiming that this will keep fruit for up to three weeks.

5. How to clean a burned pan

Removing dirt from a burned pan is a dirty job. But why not make a cup of tea so as not to use up all of your elbow fat? After that, you can use the tea bag to clean the pan – just slide it in for 15 minutes and let the tannins do the work. No scrubbing necessary.

6. How to remove an egg yolk

This hack for removing an egg yolk from a raw egg with an empty water bottle gives you eggall results. It is definitely everything it is!

7. How to clean a toaster

Telling you this hack to clean your toaster is the yeast we can do and it’s definitely not crumbly. Find the tray that you can pull out from under the device to dispose of the debris. Many on the Internet did not know about its existence, were you one of them?

8. How to cut avocados

Avocados are the fruit of choice for millennials, but did you cook them right? To prevent them from turning to a pulp, cut them open with the skin. Holy guacamole, it actually works!

9. How to organize closets

Clean up the closet space with a baking sheet and some duct tape – organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to toast your finances!

10. How to clean hard-to-reach areas

Some areas can be difficult to reach while cleaning, so it’s best to attack them with a knife. No, we don’t advocate frustrated violence, instead we cover a knife with a baby towel to scrub joints and tight spaces.

11. Descale a kettle without chemicals

Cleaning a kettle is child’s play. Just fill it with water and add a slice of the most popular yellow citrus fruit. Next, cook it twice and 30 minutes later the lime will be gone.

12. How to cook pineapple

Pineapple is tedious to prepare, but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is roll, hammer, and slap it, then segments in your hand will come away. No knives are required.

13. How to mince chicken

Does the tedious process of chopping chicken drive you crazy? Well, it turns out a hand mixer does the job for you. You won’t burn your hands and save time in the kitchen!

14. How to clean your oven

While baking soda is not a stranger to an oven, it’s usually hidden in cake mixes or other foods to be cooked. However, if you want to clean your machine without harsh chemicals, you can use the white powder and water to make a paste. Coat your oven in it and let it sit for three hours. Sprinkle it with vinegar and when you clean it you’ll be ready to turn up the heat again.

15. How to make your microwave look brand new

This microwave cleaning hack is making waves on the internet. Just put some lemon wedges in a bowl of water and put them in the device for a few minutes. Then ping! That’s one less task.

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