11 Of The Worst “Hands On” Advice Lifehacker Readers Have Ever Received

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There’s some logic to ignoring bullies, like we discussed before. At the same time, many of you feel that the advice to “just ignore them!” is, well, “unlimited bullshit.” As a reader revchewie shares, “The adults who gave me this advice (when I was a kid, in the ’70s) must have had gentler bullies than I did. Because yes, my bullies wanted a reaction. And they kept going until they got one.”

Consider this approach instead Parliamentarians of the Crows: “Our son was verbally bullied in fifth grade and we taught him to just roll his eyes and say ‘cool story’ when someone started talking to him. They gave up in less than a week.”

Hitting back isn’t necessarily about “winning” the fight. Here’s how Karaam A. King put it on our facebook page:

“Former bullied child here. Here’s what worked for me: FIGHT BACK! Even if you get mutilated. I’ve learned that a bully always takes an easy target. If you push me and I smack you in the face, you’ll probably hit me back. But next time, find someone who’s easier and won’t fight back. In many cases, they even respect you. If not, move on. It also doesn’t hurt to learn how to fight.”

Unfortunately, bullies don’t leave you alone. Your strategy of ignoring them could lead the bully to escalate their tactics. Consider alternative ways to show that you’re completely unfazed by their attacks — or be ready to fight back.


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