10 funny memes about friendship that will make your friends laugh

What better way to celebrate Friendship Day than funny memes! Friendship is more about fun and laughter. Even if there are tears, they are mostly the tears of joy and happiness.

Friendship Day is celebrated on August 7th as a mark of respect and gratitude for all the friends we have in our lives.

On this day we should celebrate the joy of friendship that surpasses any other human relationship. On this day we should be with the friends who stand next to our families.

On this day we should exchange gifts and show our love and gratitude to our friends. Gift your boyfriend the choicest thing in the world, pour your love on the one who knows you better inside and out, and express your love for your boyfriend on this day.

To make Friendship Day even more fun, you can share funny memes with your friends:

“I can’t leave you now that you know so much about me”

This is the funniest meme to tell your friends. As mentioned above, friends know you inside and out. Even sometimes they know you better than you know yourself. That’s why we turn to our friends in times of crisis because we know they will never leave us disappointed.

“You look good. Who attracted you, the Great Depression?”
“You look lovely, Helen. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to attend your funeral last year.”

Many old people exchange silly jokes with their friends. Why? That’s because we know that regardless of our age and situation, only our friends will never feel guilty about our jokes. In fact, they are the ones who will understand better.

“Hey brother, I’m sad”
“Don’t be sad. Sad is for losers”
“What are we then”
“Worse Than That”

How many times have such stupid answers brightened our spirits? Everyone in their life must have definitely had such a memory when a friend’s stupid reply was enough to kill all worries instantly.

“Respect Your Parents”
“Respect Girl”
“respect teachers”
“But never respect your friends. You were born to be insulted.”

The transparency we have with our friends doesn’t exist in the other relationships we have. Respect has a different meaning in any relationship than it does among friends. Insult is never considered an insult. It seems to be friends’ birthright to insult one another.

“I love those people who can make me laugh in those moments when I feel like I can’t even smile.”

How lucky we are to have friends who make us laugh, even when we don’t even have an iota of hope in us to smile or even throw a fake one. We should all thank those who made us smile and gave us the greatest joy in the world when the rest of the world turned against us.

“When your best friend posts: I don’t have anyone”
“Me: What am I? A potato”

This is that hilarious moment when your boyfriend just had a breakup and declares that all he or she had in his or her life was the lover. This incident, which mostly happens in colleges, is experienced by almost everyone. When your friend feels all is lost with love, ask about your existence in his or her life.

“When a friend and I think of something in a dirty way”

The secrets between friends are like fingerprints. It is unique to each friendship. We share secret codes, we have secret names, and we have our own secret looks whenever we’re in a group.

“Teacher says choose a partner… look at your friend like this”

While a meme list is never complete without Mr. Beans and his antics, you definitely must have given this look when your teacher asked you to choose a partner for chemistry lab or playtime or even your history project.

“When Your Best Friend Says What You Think”

Just like I said, having friends know you inside and out, the moment your friends say exactly what you have in mind, it gives you a mixed feeling of happiness, hope, gratitude, and gratitude that you’re so have a nice person in your life to be with are so well connected.

“When your best friend makes plans with someone else….what am I not good enough for you”

How many times have you argued about it? Countless for sure. So often we make plans with others and it’s only when we face our friend that we realize what a mistake we made. And then the error correction begins!


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